Hello and welcome to WOODPECKERY.

We are the dreamers from New York City who once upon a time have decided to leave their regular jobs and start their family business. And this is what our dream was about.

Since the beginning, we have been focused on creating a company which would provide the unique environmental-friendly and recyclable products & accessories, knowing how much litter the modern society produces nowadays. As the New Yorkers we know that firsthand. Meanwhile, we really love our city and do not refuse any of the benefits of progress or modern lifestyle, but we are able to make it less harmful for nature and our planet.

So, we decided to create a product which can be eco-friendly, modern and fashionable in tandem. That is how WOODPECKERY was born.


We have been inspired by a little forest bird which spends its entire life in trees, carving out the nests itself. Woodpecker symbolizes us, who never stop identifying their own places in their lives. "Carve out a place for yourself!", in other words we would like to state: "Stay unique and be in peace and harmony with yourself".

Oh yeah, we are happy to “Wood Your Mood”.


These days we have to live in a world captured by urbanism and plastic mass production, which affect the climate changes. We are progressively moving further away from nature. Are we able to stop or at least slow down this process? We truly believe, we can! We would like to invite you to join us in this journey of saving our planet for the next generations.


! All our products are made of real wood and cork, which are the natural and renewable resources.

! Since we use a real wood, there is no two pieces being identical, because each pattern has been crafted by nature.

! Our product is a perfect environmental-friendly alternative in a modern mass market.

! Our goods will make your style individual and sustainable.

! We inspect every step from the very beginning of production to a final touch - carving, then handcrafting, printing and engraving, packing every product by hands. Everything for one purpose only - to deliver it personally to you.

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We are constantly striving to improve our product offering. In order to do this, we really need YOUR feedback. We will gratefully appreciate if you help to make us better in satisfaction your experience with our service.